Alfred Hitchcock
Christopher Nolan*
Darren Aronofsky*
David Lynch
Joel Coen
Lars Von Trier
Martin Scorsese*
Mel Brooks
Quentin Tarantino*
Sam Mendes
Sergio Leone
Stanley Kubrick
Steven Soderbergh
Steven Spielberg
Wes Anderson*
Woody Allen*
Zack Snyder

The asterisk * indicates a filmography I’ve completed.

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  • The Grading Scale

    ★★★★ (unforgettable)
    ★★★½ (outstanding)
    ★★★ (solid)
    ★★½ (acceptable)
    ★★ (mediocre)
    ★½ (substandard)
    ★ (poor)
    ½ (bad)
    NO STARS (unforgivable)

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