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It appears three great bloggers and friends Fernando Rafael EDIT: and Martin 2nd EDIT: and Victor have passed me (as well as a number of other great film bloggers) on the Liebster Blog Award!  Thank you, Fernando EDIT: and Martin 2nd EDIT: and Victor!  Now, in order to accept, I must follow these six responsibilities attached to the award:

1. Each person must post eleven things about themselves
2. Answer the eleven questions the person giving the award has set for you
3. Create eleven questions for the people you will be giving the award to
4. Choose eleven people to award and send them a link to your post
5. Go to their page and tell them
6. No tag backs

Here we go:

Eleven things about myself:

1. I hope to live in a city at some point.
2. I do not have a subscription to Netflix, nor do I have a Blu-Ray player, and I get most of my movies out of the local library.
3. I have, in fact, seen every official James Bond movie made to date.  This took me a month at the most.
4. I play solitaire when I get bored, usually.  Otherwise, Angry Birds.
5. I love tacos.
6. I am very much against Facebook.  What’s it called, prosopobibliophobia?
7. I have two very sweet dogs.
8. I watch bad movies so that I can write about them.  So easy, and so much fun.
9. I usually buy movies before I have even seen them.
10. This past Christmas, I bought my sister (a horse lover) They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?, my father (a Woody Allen-phobe) Annie Hall, and my mother Big Momma’s House.  Only the last film has been opened and watched, but I still think it was worth that much money to get a good laugh.
11. I use to keep track of how many movies I’ve watched from significant classic film compilations, such as the IMDb top 250 or “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die”.

Eleven questions written by Fernando:

Favorite scene in a film?

Why, Fernando, why?  This is such a hard question.  I’ll go with the “Heere’s Johnny!!” scene from The Shining.  Anyone who’s seen it can probably guess why.  (Side note: Did anybody know that Stanley Kubrick includes bathrooms in every single one of his films?  It’s true.)

Worst performance by your favorite actor/actress?

He’s not my favorite, but I do enjoy Matt Damon quite a bit.  And I was pretty disappointed by his performance in The Adjustment Bureau.  Not memorable at all.

Favorite drink (alcoholic or not)?

Oooh, oooh, beer beer beer!!  I love it so much!  Now you all should hope I’m kidding, and I am.  I actually do enjoy Dr. Pepper quite a bit, though.  Diet or not–doesn’t matter.

Any interesting rituals before/during/after watching a movie?

I often construct a giant shrine consisting of an oil painting of the director with an eternal flame below it, while I kneel before it and chant prayers in foreign languages. Reading Roger Ebert’s reviews before seems to be the main one, and then seeing what a few of my blogger friends think about the film. After the movie, I write.

Oscars: agony or ecstasy?

Ecstasy.  Then agony if a blatant error is made, i.e. “And the Oscar goes to…Dances with Wolves/A Beautiful Mind/Million Dollar Baby/Terms of Endearment!!!”

Name your top ten actors and actresses.

In alphabetical order: George Clooney, Marion Cotillard, Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks, Jack Nicholson, Emma Stone, Meryl Streep

Favorite musical/dance scene from a movie?

“Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” from Monty Python’s Life of Brian.  Either that or “Jai Ho” from Slumdog Millionaire.

Name three movies with great cinematography.

The Aviator, Midnight in Paris, The Godfather

Favorite film poster?


Coolest thing in your movie collection?

Not quite sure, sorry…

Favorite city/country you’ve never been to?

France, specifically Paris.

EDIT: Eleven questions written by Martin:

1)Which is your favorite movie studio introduction before a film begins – example: Universal (the planet earth with the word “Universal” gliding over)

They’re all equal to me. But I really like how Scott Pilgrim vs. the World put a video game spin on the Universal opening.

2)What is one of your favorite movie beginnings?

I’ll go with the film within a film from The Simpsons Movie.

3)What is one of your favorite performances by an actor?

Jack Nicholson in One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Reading the book, I simply could not picture him as McMurphy, but he gave the film every bit of poignancy and humor it needed.

4)What is one of your most disappointing performances by an actor?

I already mentioned Matt Damon in The Adjustment Bureau so I’ll go with the obvious: George Clooney in Batman and Robin.

5)Name a movie that completely met your expectations

The Dark Knight Rises

6)Name a movie that completely disappointed you

Dark Shadows — I thought and hoped and prayed that I would have a good time because of the cast and director, but I was wrong.

7)What is one of your favorite movie endings?

I won’t spoil it, but that final scene in The 400 Blows wraps it up phenomenally.

8)Name a movie that in your opinion is underrated by professional critics

Across the Universe

9)Name a movie that in your opinion is overrated by professional critics

The Seventh Seal

10)Name one of your favorite animated classics.

Shrek was a childhood favorite of mine and still remains in my top 100.

11) Name your favorite M. Night Shyamalan movie.

The Sixth Sense

2nd EDIT: Eleven questions written by Victor:

1. What’s your favorite film from 1982?

Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner (even though I saw the director’s cut, which was released a decade later)

2. What’s your favorite Peter Seller’s film?

The Pink Panther

3. What’s your favorite pre-Little Mermaid Disney film?


4. Based off their 70′s films only, who’s your favorite:  De Niro, Hoffman, or Pacino?

I haven’t seen much of any of the named actors from the ’70s, so after a bit of thought, I’d go with Al Pacino.

5. What’s your favorite sports film?

Raging Bull – one of few sports films that delivers in a way that truly non-sports fans like me can appreciate.

6. For Scorsese, what’s his most overrated, underrated, and your favorite film?

MOST OVERRATED – Hugo.  MOST UNDERRATED (and monstrously overlooked) – The King of Comedy.  PERSONAL FAVORITE – Raging Bull, with runner-ups being The Departed and Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.

7. What film impressed you the most with its dialogue?

Casablanca.  Too many unforgettable quotes from that film to keep up with.

8. What film impressed you the most with its musical score?

Psycho.  Bernard Herrmann’s timeless score opens up with a guarantee for chills, lingers with suspense, and makes the shower scene more terrifying than it would have otherwise been.  (Side note: I read the other day that John Williams was a fan of Herrmann.  As an homage to the composer’s work, the first three notes heard in his score for Star Wars are the same as those in Herrmann’s Psycho score.  Ever notice that?)

9. Of filmmakers, actors, writers, etc. that have passed away, whom would you have liked to met and interviewed?

A toss-up between the much-different Leslie Nielsen and Stanley Kubrick.

10. What film would you have loved to watch in a theatre with an audience when it first came out?

There’s far too many on that list.

11. Goodfellas or The Godfather?

I have yet to see GoodFellas, so I choose The Godfather.

Eleven questions you must answer if I pass the award on to you:

1. What movie do you wish you had never seen?

2. What movie have you heard nothing but praise for, but still have absolutely no desire to see (come on, you know it happens with all of us)?

3. Have you seen the entire filmography of one director?  If so, who?

4. Have you ever been to a film festival?  If so, why didn’t you take me along?

5. What was the first movie you saw in theaters?

6. Have you ever met a famous filmmaker/actor/actress?  If so, who?

7. What Academy Award winning film(s) do you not particularly care for?

8. What is your favorite quote in a movie?

9. What is the most confusing movie you’ve seen?

10. What is your vote for the most pointless movie made thus far?

11. Do you talk during movies?

I shall now pass the award to:

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Andy Watches Movies
Duke and the Movies
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Marked Movies
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Thanks to Fernando EDIT: and Martin 2nd EDIT: and Victor and congratulations to everyone who has received the award! Cheers!

19 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award

  1. thank you for participating and posting! good answers. i have not seen Scott Pilgrim, DKR, or 400 blows. i look forward to seeing them. Jack Nicholson was great in Cuckoo’s Nest . Batman and Robin with Clooney was the least of the Batman movies. And for the last question, i would say Signs, but Sixth Sense comes very close. Thanks again Alexander.

  2. Thanks for doing this, Alexander!

    I didn’t know you’d watched all 22 Bond films! That is dedication right there!
    Great that you love tacos. If we ever meet up, we should go for some!
    Oh, and great answers to my questions 🙂

    • You’re welcome!

      I actually started out my James Bond marathon with Casino Royale (though I’d seen Goldfinger a year or two before). I’m well finished my marathon and CR remains my favorite of the series.

      Yeah, I really do love tacos. 🙂 Though I still have to try that Dorito thing at Taco Bell, which I haven’t been to for years. -_-

      Glad I answered well. 🙂

      • Not trying to be rude or anything but yeah, those aren’t tacos! hehe I like Taco Bell but what they do is nothing like what we eat over here, haha. Hope you get to try some real tacos soon. They’ll make you forget all abut Taco Bell, I promise.

        • I must have mistyped something. I meant to say that I haven’t had Taco Bell in a very long time–but I’ve heard nothing bad about that new Dorito thing so I may as well try it. There’s one or two Mexican restaurants near me. Absolutely delicious tacos. The taco bisteco is my personal favorite. 😀

          On Aug 14, 2012,

  3. Thanks Alex!

    Hell no I dont talk in movies! Unless its to tell other people to SHUT UP! 😀

    I wish I had never seen Buckly Larson!

    I’ve gotten a bunch of autographs now from folks at Comic-Con and stuff, this last time was Richard Kiel. I thought that was great 😀 Jaws is now proudly hanging on my autograph wall.

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