Grading Scale

Absolute perfection, or as close to it as a human being can come. Highly entertaining and worth every minute occupied.

One or two unnoticeable flaws, but an otherwise remarkable film. Very high recommendation.

Memorable, well-made, and very entertaining, though not utterly flawless.

Rarely disappointing and very entertaining, but not quite a classic.

Recommended for its ability to entertain sufficiently. Mistakes aren’t common, but they tend to stand out.

A good movie, though not particularly recommended. Has its moments, but there are better alternatives.

Has its moments, but an overall disappointment. One you can skip and not have missed anything.

Not a bad movie, just one that vacillates in and out of watchability.

Marked by infrequent, sporadic signs of boredom, such as sighing, eyeball rolling, pity smiles, unintended laughter, groans, or bathroom breaks. Viewer is guaranteed to not enjoy the film, but concealing boredom can be very easy.

An aggressive ambush of flaws. Rarely entertaining, but still the point where you can find some room in your heart to feel bad for those involved.

Bone-dry. A film that either wasted 95% of its potential, or one that had no potential whatsoever.

A film with no originality, no talent, countless missteps, and one or two redeeming qualities.

An absolutely blasphemous non-effort, with two hours that provide as much boredom as gazing catatonically at a frozen computer screen.

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